How to enforce user’s acceptance of 3rd party cookies

Well, the acceptance of so-called “3rd party cookies” and respective restrictive browser settings are a big issue for the online advertisement industry. Current related discussions concerning future eprivacy regulation emphasize that fact. So, how can users be convinced to accept 3rd party cookies and/or change their browser settings that prevent these cookies? Here is an interesting idea:

This screen shows a cookie acceptance interstitial (screenshot from 8/21/2017):

Opt-in for cookies
opt-in consent via Trustee

I don’t want to focus on the question whether the consent is specific enough or not and whether it is allowed to enforce the opt-in.
The interesting screen is the one that follows the acceptance (screenshot from 8/21/2017):

Cookie Opt-in confirmation
cookie opt-in confirmation

The relevant sentence for me is:

“If you like to set opt-out preferences using this tool you must allowed third party cookies in your browser settings.”

By providing an opt-out mechanism that relies on 3rd party cookies you can convince users to change their browser settings.
Well, a smart idea! And if every website is doing it, restrictive privacy by default settings on browsers won’t last long.

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