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On this page you find information about me and events I attended. Mostly, they are about innovation, digitization, regulation and privacy. Furthermore, I give advice regarding these topics and lead respective projects.

Jana Moser

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  • “Panel discussion: Data Politics” (panel, Leipzig, Medientage Mitteldeutschland, 4/25/2018)
  • “Data Politics” (panel, Berlin, @kit, 4/19/2018)
  • “5th VDZ Tech Summit 2017” (moderation, Hamburg, VDZ, 11/20+21/2017)
  • “Panel discussion: digital disruption = disruption of society?” (panel, Hamburg, hamburg@work, 9/7/2017)
  • “Big data projects under GDPR / Big-Data-Projekte nach der DSGVO” (presentation, Cologne, Cologne Data Privacy Law Days 2017, 6/20/2017)
  • “Key note about the impact of privacy regulation on digital businesses” (presentation, Berlin, [vdav], 6/12/2017)
  • “Panel discussion: What the eprivacy regulation means in the era of the hyper-connected customer.” (panel, Berlin, Webtrekk, 4/17/2017)
  • “Daten: Der Rohstoff der Zukunft / Data: The raw material of the future.” (panel, Berlin, permanent representation of Baden-Wuerttemberg, 3/28/2017)
  • “Transpareny is king: The role of big data for proof of origin and consumer information / Transparenz ist King: Die Rolle von Big Data für Herkunftssicherung und Verbraucherinformation” (panel, Berlin, Farm & Food, 1/23/2017)
  • “Datenschutz mitdenken, so wird Digitalisierung möglich – Interview mit Dr. Jana Moser” (podcast interview, Berlin, id3cubic, 12/15/2016)
  • “Datenschutz und Digitalisierung – aktuelle Entwicklungen und Herausforderungen” (presentation, Berlin, Rotary CLub, 11/23/2016)
  • “Chances and challenges of data monetization and digital competition” (video)(presentation, Phuket, ALSMA, 10/18/2016)
  • “Sell me your data: sales, protection and commercial exploitation of databases in crossborder transactions” (presentation & workshop moderation, IBA, Washington, 9/22/2016)
  • “Herausforderung Data Economy – Geschäftsmodelle müssen jetzt den Proof of Concept bestehen.” (video) (panel, dmexco, BVDW, 9/14/2016)
  • “Die Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen: Wo liegen die Chancen, wo die Risiken?”/Digitization of Business Processes: Changes and Risks” (presentation, Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft e.V., Berlin, Neuhardenberg, 06/29/2016)
  • “Daten – Währung der Zukunft, Datengetriebene Geschäftsmodelle, Plattformen und die Freiheit des Internet”/”Data – Currency of The Future, Data Driven Business Models, Platforms and Freedom of the Internet”(presentation and panel, Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit, Berlin, 06/01/2016)
  • “TeleTrusT Informationstag IT-Forensik” (moderation, TeleTrusT, Berlin, 05/12/2016)
  • “Überregulierung in der IT – Können wir uns noch bewegen?” / “Over-regulated IT – Are we able to move anymore?” (video of the following panel discussion) (presentation, 3rd IT Law Day, DAV IT-Recht, Berlin, 04/28/2016)
  • “Legislative Issues Facing the Local Digital Economy” and “How Innovation Becomes the Driving Force for Traditional Media” (panel, LOCALCON 2016, SIINDA, London, 04/21/2016)
  • “The Revenue Power of Single Sign-On” and “Panel Discussion: Bracing For the Next Wave”(presentation and panel, Big Data for Media Conference, INMA, New York, 04/15/2016)
  • “Get inside Axel Springer’s Data Innovation Project: what, how and why” (video) (presentation, Digital Innovators’ Summit, VDZ, Berlin, 03/21/2016)
  • “Data – Where We Come From? Where Are We Going To? / Daten – Woher kommen wir? Wohin gehen wir?” (presentation, BVDW, Hamburg, 01/29/2016)
  • “Data Protection Day 2016 – Is the data protection ready for the 21st Century? / Data Protection Day 2016 – Ist der Datenschutz fit für das 21. Jahrhundert?” (video / in German) (workshop & panel, University Passau, DFG, 01/27/2016)
  • “The next transformation – From big data to smart data & personalization” / Die nächste Transformation – Von Big Data zu Smart Data & Personalisierung” (panel, Medientage 2015, Munich, 10/21/2015)
  • “Crypto currency in the USA and Europe” (moderation, privacy roundtable hosted by Union Investment, Frankfurt a.M., 10/01/2015)
  • “Privacy regulation and its impact on European economy” (article, PinG – Privacy in Germany, 05/2015)
  • “Digital Innovation Breakfast – Redefinition of privacy” (panel, hosted by Creative Construction, 09/15/2015)
  • “Privacy in Practice – Pleading for creative data protection in favor of consumers and companies” / Datenschutz in der Praxis – Ein Plädoyer für einen kreativen Datenschutz zu Gunsten von Verbrauchern und Unternehmen” (presentation, OTMR 2015 hosted by Spirit Legal, Leipzig, 06/19/2015)
  • “Internet of things in the case of connected car / The new brake in the car: privacy” (presentation, German Advocate Day 2015, Hamburg, 06/12/2015)
  • “Bitcoin in Europe – Challenges and potentials” (panel, CeBIT 2015, Hannover, 03/17/2015)
  • “The digital future of copyrights” (presentation, “Art ownership in the digital age” hosted by ascribe and berlinerpool, Berlin, 01/17/2015)
  • “What are the most common challenges when launching a data-driven start-up?” (panel, Data Days 2014 hosted by nugg.ad, Berlin, 10/01/2014)
  • “Where do the ethical and political boundaries lie in an increasingly data-driven society?” (panel, Data Days 2014, Berlin, 10/01/2014)
  • “Consumer rights in the digital world – Workshop 1: Modernise consumer data protection!” / Verbrauchermacht in der digitalen Welt – Workshop 1: Verbraucherdatenschutz modernisieren!” (presentation and workshop hosted by Green Parliamentary Group in German Bundestag, Berlin, 05/16/2014)
  • Basler Commentary on Privacy Act / Information Act, Maurer-Lambrou/Blechta, 3rd. edition, legal comparison of data protection acts in Switzerland and Germany (co-author, Basel/Berlin, 2014)
  • “ID tracking – or how privacy strengthens monopolies (article, PinG – Privacy in Germany, 02/2014)
  • “Impact of future privacy laws on digital business models – Plea for creative data protection” / “Auswirkungen zukünftiger Datenschutzgesetze auf digitale Geschäftsmodelle – Ein Plädoyer für kreativen Datenschutz” (presentation, privacy roundtable hosted by DZ Bank, Frankfurt a.M., 02/19/2014)
  • “My data belong to me! European talk, Mrs. H. Ruehle – Privacy in the era of PRISM and Tempora” / “Meine Daten gehören mir! Europäische Gespräche, H. Ruehle – Datenschutz in den Zeiten von PRISM und Tempora” (panel by Green Parliamentary Group in European Parliament, Stuttgart, 11/21/2013)
  • “Legal department – Optimal support for start-ups” / “Rechtsabteilung – Die optimale Hilfe für Start-Ups” (presentation, e-breakfast hosted by E&Y, Berlin, 04/26/2013)
  • “Fifty Shades of Privacy – The Trilogy” (presentation, LawCamp 2013, Frankfurt a.M., 04/20/2013)
  • “German consent – European opt in and the special requirements in Europe” /„Die deutsche Einwilligung – Das Opt In in Europa und die besonderen Anforderungen in Deutschland” (presentation, Dialog Camp hosted by Bird & Bird, München, 02/21/2013)
  • “Consumer data – Golden egg for Companies?!” / “Verbraucherdaten – das goldene Ei für Unternehmen?!” (panel, eco MMR Kongress 2013, Berlin, 03/12/2013)
  • “Data & data mining – Does data protection blast marketing dreams?” / “Data & Data Mining – Kann Datenschutz Marketingträume sprengen?“ (presentation, OTMR hosted by Spirit Legal, Leipzig, 02/13/2013)
  • “Social Media – Legal Headaches and Guidelines“ (presentation, International Social Media Club Axel Springer AG, Berlin, 02/24/2012)
  • “Data processing on behalf of the user” / “Datenverarbeitung im Auftrag des Nutzers“ (presentation, DSRI Herbstakademie 09/8-10/2011)
  • “Like Button“ (presentation, IT-LawCamp, Köln, 04/02/2011)
  • “Implementation of data protection requirements at VZ networks” / “Die Umsetzung datenschutzrechtlicher Vorgaben in den VZ-Netzwerken“ (presentation and panel, Berlin State Library, Berlin, 11/30/2010)
  • “Social networks – Consequences for corporate information security” / “Soziale Netzwerke – Folgen für die Informationssicherheit in Unternehmen“ (presentation, BITKOM working group security management, Berlin, 10/22/2010)
  • “Social networks – A challenge between self expression and legislative over-regulation” / “Soziale Netzwerke – Die Herausforderung zwischen Selbstdarstellung und gesetzgeberischer Überregulierung“ (presentation, Economic Counsel of CDU party, Hamburg, 10/19/2010)
  • “Consultation with expert witnesses – Current questions concerning social networks” / “Informationsgespräch mit Sachverständigen – Aktuelle Fragestellungen im Zusammenhang mit Sozialen Netzwerken” (participation, Sub-Committee on New Media, 2nd session, Berlin, 06/07/2010)
  • “Freedom of information and speech and protection of legal interests on the Internet” / “Informations-, Meinungsfreiheit und Rechtsgüterschutz im Internet“ (panel, China Club, Berlin, 05/26/2010)
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