DATAREALITY means bringing your stakeholders and experts together to enable them to reach your digital business goals despite regulatory privacy related requirements.

When you talk about digitization or digital services like data driven marketing, Internet of Things (IoT) or personalization you always talk about personally identifiable information (PII) and privacy. What usually happens in digital projects is, that either regulatory requirements are assessed once and the project will be downsized or amended accordingly so that the original business goals and cases aren’t reachable anymore. Or the assessment is done at the end of the project and only privacy terms are implemented but you can’t be sure that the legal requirements are technically or organizationally implemented. In contrary, unintentionally they are not.

In both cases the involved stakeholders are experts in their fields: marketing, technology, legal. And usually these fields are not connected at all although they should, because the data processing requires an overall understanding of the regulatory requirements concerning data protection. The privacy assessment is pretty unilateral with the result, that in either way your business case and digital product will fail sooner or later.

As former in-house data protection officer and legal counsel I know exactly what the legal requirements are especially concerning privacy and data protection and how to implement them technologically. Additionally, I was in charge of business and strategy in a big data project in a large corporation. Thus I am able to connect the “privacy dots” in your project by virtually speaking the language of the involved stakeholders.

I help you to reach your goal by translating respective requirements in a practical manner.
Where other consultants provide services on either technology, business or legal requirements, I moderate as legal consultant between your different stakeholders and help you to make your digital business successful.

How I support you to be economically successfull and privacy compliant:

  • Supporting your project lead to set up your data project
  • Analyzing the privacy challenges in your business model / project
  • Assessing the privacy risk esp. under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Elaborating privacy friendly settings
  • Cooperating with and/or steering involved law firms and legal advisors
  • Training, workshops and presentations about data, innovation and regulation

  • If you would like to know more about me or what drives me to work on practicable privacy solutions, please follow this link.