How to enforce user’s acceptance of 3rd party cookies

Well, the acceptance of so-called „3rd party cookies“ and respective restrictive browser settings are a big issue for the online advertisement industry. Current related discussions concerning future eprivacy regulation emphasize that fact. So, how can users be convinced to accept 3rd party cookies and/or change their browser settings that prevent these cookies? Here is an interesting idea:

This screen shows a cookie acceptance interstitial (screenshot from 8/21/2017):

Opt-in for cookies
opt-in consent via Trustee

I don’t want to focus on the question whether the consent is specific enough or not and whether it is allowed to enforce the opt-in.
The interesting screen is the one that follows the acceptance (screenshot from 8/21/2017):

Cookie Opt-in confirmation
cookie opt-in confirmation

The relevant sentence for me is:

„If you like to set opt-out preferences using this tool you must allowed third party cookies in your browser settings.“

By providing an opt-out mechanism that relies on 3rd party cookies you can convince users to change their browser settings.
Well, a smart idea! And if every website is doing it, restrictive privacy by default settings on browsers won’t last long.

2 Replies to “How to enforce user’s acceptance of 3rd party cookies”

  1. Hello Jana, sorry to be picking up on such an old post, but I wonder if you can clarify for me what you are saying here?

    You write that „I don’t want to focus on the question whether the consent….is allowed to enforce the opt-in“ but then go on to suggest that forcing enablement of 3rd party cookies in order to get to opt-out mechanisms is acceptable.

    In what circumstances should this be considered acceptable?

    1. Well, with that method you motivate users to change there browser settings. This is important with regard to privacy by default sessting.
      And it is a smart way to convince users to turn on „accept 3rd party cookies“, if the browser generally and by default rejects them. This particular provider may not be allowed to track due to the then set opt-out cookie. But if the user either deletes the cookie or if another provider wants to set a cookie, your and/or the other providers can use 3rd party cookies.

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