If it is not Bitcoin, then it will be another digital currency

The majority doesn’t understand Bitcoin and many of those who do are concerned.  Hence, the future of Bitcoin depends heavily on respective regulation, which might include for instance anti-money laundering (AML) rules for Bitcoin, a regulation recently proposed by UK Treasury.  Aside from that, Europe still struggles with taxation of Bitcoin and therewith hamper any invention regarding cryptocurrency.

I am convinced that we will see digital currency in the next years.  However, I don’t believe, that it will be „Bitcoin“ as it is today.  Different digital (and mostly regulated) currencies will rather exist in parallel with fiat currencies.  In comparison to Bitcoin, I suppose that the block chain, the technological basis for Bitcoin, will be more successful.  Due to an increase of digitisation of our entire life the areas, where the block chain or its derivatives can be used are diverse.

Consequently, I am pleased to support the Bitcoin community especially in Germany whenever it is possible:

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